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Professional Rim Straightening

from Hykeham Fast Fit @ Springfield Garage

01522 687 299

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If you’re feeling a vibration through your steering wheel when driving at fast speeds, you may need your alloys straightened!

2015-09-25 06:09:36

Let us straighten things out

Some mechanics will tell you they can’t repair your alloys and that you need a brand new tyre, but at Hykeham Fast Fit we repair where necessary. We do the work, we won't fob you off and we have the experience and knowledge to do the job properly.

Keeping your wheels turning

There are many obstacles on the road that can contribute to bent wheels, from potholes and curbs to the material they are made from. If you've got a bent rim and you need straightening out, Hykeham Fast Fit @ Springfield Garage has the only rim-straightening machine in Lincoln.

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Find out why we are Lincoln’s premier tyre specialists!

Need dedicated professionals you can trust? Visit our workshop today or give us a call on 01522 687 299